Magnum Volume Chrome (New Formula)




Magnum VOLUME®  - 3D cartoon muscleS every WORKOUT!

This full-dose L-Arginine-nitric oxide and nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide-maximizing supplement provides so much oxygen, blood flow and glucose in muscle tissue, you’ll barely be able to get your jacket on after training. A pump so great that you feel it for hours, Volume® also increases your ability to perform more reps and recover faster by preventing phospho-creatine loss during training. This gets you back to the gym faster to get your swole on quicker. Magnum Volume® is unique because it’s formulated to not only maximize nitric oxide production, but to halt your body’s ability to diminish nitric oxide once it’s been produced. This results in an amazing pump that lasts longer than anything you’ve ever tried before.

The greatest thing about Magnum Volume® is that the proof is almost immediate! You take it, go to the gym, PUMP UP THE VOLUME, and then get your selfie game on! 



The combination of L-Arginine Pyroglutamate & L-Norvaline can deliver NO (nitric oxide) for up to 3 hours following ingestion and will provide a muscle pump that lasts for hours. 

L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate is also highly effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to enter the brain and improve cognitive functions and rapidly increase GH levels. 

The inclusion of L-Norvaline in Volume® inhibits the body’s production of Arginase (the pump killer). By adding L-Norvaline, your body can maximize NO production and the huge pumps seem to last all day!



French Pine Bark Extract (90% Oligomeric Pro) stimulates eNOS (endogenous nitric oxide synthesis) in arterial cell walls, expanding blood vessels up to 78%. French Pine Bark extract has been found to greatly enhance blood flow and oxygen transport to the muscles. Larger, expanded blood vessels mean fuller and harder muscles, so you look like a piece of granite at the gym!



L-Citrulline Malate and Beet Root Extract (Beta Vulgaris) (Root) are added to Volume to: synthesize L-Arginine and amplify its effectiveness, producing a recycling effect, and also to create an increase in NO through a completely different pathway called the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway. Studies have shown that Beet Root Extract can increase plasma NO levels by as much as 52%!  

Beet Root Extract also increases the time to exhaustion while training intensely. 



Agmatine Sulfate is known as “Super arginine” as it enhances and increases the levels and expression of eNOS. This results in better and stronger vasodilation – PUMPS! Agmatine also works as a nootropic, aiding with mental clarity and focus so you can really feel each rep of every set.



Designed to amplify muscle pumps, these capsules ignite nitric oxide production, resulting in enhanced blood flow and exercise efficiency. Our breakthrough, maximum absorption formula also sharpens mental focus, transforming your workouts and delivering enduring, skin-splitting pumps.