Believe Supplements Electrolytes + BCAA

  • - Helps maintain proper hydration levels and improves nerve transmission
  • - Helps maintain your muscle mass (anti-catabolic)
  • - Improve recovery
  • - Helps decrease soreness or “DOMS”

  • Electrolytes regulate neurotransmission and muscle function, help the body stay hydrated, as well as affect blood pressure and maintain blood acidity balance. Electrolytes can even help repair damage in the body. Electrolytes pair perfectly with BCAAs which improve endurance, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, and help minimize muscle catabolism during intense workouts.

    ✅  YES IF 

    • - You want to improve recovery
    • - You want to help maintain your muscle mass
    • - You want to reduce soreness
    • - You want to maintain proper hydration levels during physical exercise

    ❌  NO IF 

    • - You need to lose muscle mass


      • - Intra workout: 1-2 serving sipped during your workout
        • - Pre cardio: 1 serving 5-10mins before your cardio session

      😴 ON REST DAYS 

              • - At any time during the day if you want something with a sweet taste but no negative impact on your body