Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen


This premium collagen will not only help joint and ligament health, but is also said to be the best collagen for skin. Especially with the addition of Magnesium for improved tissue repair. This is the ideal product for both athletes and skin aesthetics since its components help improve the appearance of the skin, strengthen hair, and regenerate muscles and cartilage.


  • Reduces Fine Lines
  • Improves Skin Hydration
  • Helps To Even Out Skin Tone
  • Fuller, Healthier Hair, Stronger Nails

Hydrolysis breaks down the collagen in peptides for better bioavailability. These collagen peptides are more easy to digest, absorb, and utilize.


Use 1 serving daily, taken at the same time every day. Do not combine with any acidic beverage

Can be mixed with pre-workout, intra workout or post-workout shake